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1966 Lambretta SX200
(Featured on 14th July 2013)

Make: Lambretta
Model: SX200
Year: 1966

Sellers original description:

A stunning original 1966 Lambretta SX200, a design classic from the age of classic design.

Originally registered on a "D" plate the scooter comes with a very collectible plate consisting of 3 letters, 2 numbers and the date mark.

This scooter has been ridden NOT hidden it is not 20 miles after restoration and unproven it has had regular light use as it is one of a few scooters in the possession of the current owner.

The Rapido 225 is fed by a 25ml Del Orto carb and exhausted by a clubman. This is without doubt a great opportunity to own an icon of the scooter age often considered to be the zenith in terms of design, I know, I have owned 2 of this marque.

All the relevant paperwork is available, the V5 document and the latest MoT certificate, which gives a years ticket on the vehicle. Due to its age it is tax exempt and 1 years tax will be included. It literally is ready to ride away, so if you're interested in owning the most recognisable piece of Italian scootering history and the ultimate in "cool runnings" gets your bids in for this epitome of classics.

It is an excellent runner.


1966 Lambretta SX200 1

1966 Lambretta SX200 2

1966 Lambretta SX200 3

1966 Lambretta SX200 Front

1966 Lambretta SX200 Back

1966 Lambretta SX200 Front Wheel

1966 Lambretta SX200 Speedometer

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