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2002 BMW F650CS F650 CS Cosworth Scarver
(Featured 4th June 2013)

Make: BMW
Model: F650
Year: 2002
Mileage: 6,100
Registration: KP03 FKJ

Sellers original description:

BMW F650 CS Scarver.

I have owned this since 2008 and I brought it from the second owner, an elderly chap whose family had told him to hang up his biking boots ! It only had 288 miles on the clock with two BMW stamps in the service book ! He had only done about a hundred miles on it, having brought it from the Deceased estate of Keith Duckworth, who, as you may know, was the "worth" in Cosworth (The Cos, was from a chap called Costin). The original owners daughter, and Keith Duckworth's daughter, were friends, hence the connection.

Keith Duckworth did things his own way and was a brilliant designer, hence him choosing a bike like this, which is totally non-mainstream and a design enthusiasts dream. Duckworth was the designer of the Formula 1 Cosworth DFV racing engine, and the fact that this was his bike I think this is a nice bit of provenance that no other bike will have.

The bike now has 6100 miles on it, and i have used it as an occasional rider, having several others. It is in excellent condition, but has a couple of little blemishes because it is ten years old, such as a little tarnishing on some of the bolts, a little bit of flaking paint on the underside of the engine, and a scratch on the left side fairing (see photo, pretty much covered up with a small GB flag sticker).

It has the original hand books and stuff bay rucksack. I have fitted the locking helmet spider (brilliant !) and shown with a helmet attached for demonstration only, the helmet is not included !. I have fitted Wunderlich adjustable brake and clutch levers.

I have serviced it myself and recently (last year) replaced the water pump (they all go - don't let anyone tell you otherwise ! - and tend to fail due to age and deterioration of seals, rather than mileage). It has belt drive, new Michelin Pilot Road II tyres, and standard two stage heated grips. The "grab rails" which go around the "stuff bay" (ie the false tank / luggage compartment) are also replacements, as the originals had crazed.

It is fuel injected, and a nice punchy ride, with smooth power delivery. This bike was way ahead of it's time and was a big hit in Europe, although never truly caught on over here, being single cylinder.

It will regularly average 60 mpg without trying.

It is light, very friendly and quite "chuckable" at the same time. A very non-intimidating bike, that is good around town, but will tour too without any problem.


2002 BMW F650CS F650 CS Cosworth Scarver 1

2002 BMW F650CS F650 CS Cosworth Scarver Front

2002 BMW F650CS F650 CS Cosworth Scarver 2

2002 BMW F650CS F650 CS Cosworth Scarver Back

2002 BMW F650CS F650 CS Cosworth Scarver Front Wheel

2002 BMW F650CS F650 CS Cosworth Scarver Engine

2002 BMW F650CS F650 CS Cosworth Scarver Gauges

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