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1993 BMW R100 GS PD
(Featured 25th January 2012)

Make: BMW
Model: R100 GS PD
Year: 1993

Sellers original description:

Iconic, collectable and very practical, R100GSPD.

These motorcycles have experienced reliable & steadily increasing values over the last 5-6 years.

This motorcycle was manufactured & left the factory on 7/5/1993 and was first registered in Germany on 24/5/1993, to Mr Uwe HINDRICHS of Solingen, Germany.

It is chassis number 0069723R100GS. The engine date stamp matches the manufacture date.

This BMW R100GSPD is in genuine, original and most desirable Marrakesh red. This is vitally important on value. It is not good say, to have a 1992 bike dressed as a 1995 for instance, when considering residual values and investment potential.

It benefits from the following:

Heated grips, full luggage,
Two tone red/black seat (Optional extra).
Stainless Y exhaust and new stainless front down pipes.
Stainless fasteners,
Completely rebuilt wheels, with stainless spokes and nipples,
Stainless, “Touretec”, low foot peg and gear change kit
Brand new tyres.
Brand new “Varta” Battery
Stainless front wheel axle
etc etc etc.......

In addition:

I have fully serviced the bike including the drive train.

The shaft was spot on, no worries there, and I have changed the two roller bearings (oe parts) at the knuckle. VERY IMPORTANT and often not done!!

I have replaced the push rod tubes with stainless and all seals etc.

Recommissioning has be done, where required, I hope you agree, the pictures, speak for themselves.

Service history:

This motorcycle has been owned by the same fastidious German owner, Mr HINDRICHS since it was sold as new. He appears to have meticulously maintained it, in the main at the same BMW garage: BMW VOOS at Solingen, his home town.

This motorcycle has the most comprehensive history I've ever seen.


1993 bmw r100gspd 1

1993 bmw r100gspd 2

1993 bmw r100gspd 3

1993 bmw r100gspd 4

1993 bmw r100gspd engine

1993 bmw r100gspd tank

1993 bmw r100gspd front wheel

1993 bmw r100gspd rear wheel

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