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1968 BSA Bantam D14 4 175cc
(Featured on 26th November 2011)

Make: BSA
Model: Bantam
Year: 1968

Sellers original description:

Classic' BSA Bantam D14/4 175cc motorcycle. The bike has been restored completely. ALL parts have been inspected and where necessary, new parts have been fitted. The engine has a new 'Big end' bearing, supplied and fitted by Alpha Bearings Ltd. Oil seals were replaced along with new bearings for engine and gearbox, a new primary chain was also purchased.

New stainless steel spokes were put in to the new/re-chromed wheel rims, both the tyres and inner tubes were replaced with new ones. The forks have been drained and cleaned and the oil has been replaced. The steering was stripped and new races and ball bearings have been fitted.

The frame and engine numbers are matching.


1968 bsa bantam d14 4 175cc 1

1968 bsa bantam d14 4 175cc 2

1968 bsa bantam d14 4 175cc seat

1968 bsa bantam d14 4 175cc front tank

1968 bsa bantam d14 4 175cc engine

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