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1957 BSA Yamaha Hybrid
(Featured 25th January 2012)

Make: BSA
Model: Hybrid (Yamaha/BSA)
Year: 1957
Registration: VFF 776

Sellers original description:

This bike was built about 20 years ago. Although it just looks like 'a-bike', a considerable amount of fabrication and head-scratching was required.

Arguably, this is how a 'special' should look....Like it might have come out of the factory. Many people have assumed as much with this bike.

It's all BSA apart from the engine..For the hyper-critical..Is a BMW not..A BMW if it has a rotax engine?? A sachs not a sachs because of Suzuki power ??

How about Jaguar..Not a Jag. 'cos it's got a Ford power-plant?? Why not use what works best but is still in keeping with the essence of the machine ?

Please study the pictures carefully as they will say more than my waffle.

The bike has now been converted to rod-action rear-brake...Which has actually made the pathetic thing work acceptably. Also a small handlebar mirror has been fitted.

I have utilised as many of the BSA wiring features as possible..Ammeter..Light-switch etc and have amalgamated them into a custom Yamaha loom.

Electric start is functional and I have added electronic ignition to replace the 'early-learning-centre' advance/retard mechanism which Yamaha bought in bulk from someone who didn't understand ignition systems..

It has developed a nice patina over the years. There are a couple of stress cracks in the lacquer on the tank but all is extremely sound. Cycle parts are largely powder coated.

Goes better than is good for it and sounds great. Not too loud at all.


1957 bsa yamaha hybrid 1

1957 bsa yamaha hybrid front

1957 bsa yamaha hybrid 2

1957 bsa yamaha hybrid back

1957 bsa yamaha hybrid engine

1957 bsa yamaha hybrid speedometer

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