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1950 Douglas 350 Mk IV
(Featured 19th August 2012)

Make: Douglas
Model: 350 Mk IV
Year: 1950
Registration: LGP 302

Sellers original description:

Very nice Douglas 350 MKIV.

It was purchased by me for my Dad about 12 months ago. He's in his 70's now but had one just like it when he was in his 20's.

He has only ridden it on a handful of occasions since puchasing it. Unfortunately he is not as strong and fit as he was back then. He feels the bike is a little on the heavy side for him and has reluctantly decided to let it go.

The proof is in the riding with this bike.


1950 douglas 350 mk iv 1

1950 douglas 350 mk iv 2

1950 douglas 350 mk iv 3

1950 douglas 350 mk iv 4

1950 douglas 350 mk iv engine

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