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1997 Ducati 748S
(Featured on 27th June 2013)

Make: Ducati
Model: 748
Year: 1997

Sellers original description:

Truly unique and immaculate restoration of the classic Ducati 748S.

I purchased my example of this bike around a year ago with a blown engine and started the rebuild then.

The replacement engine was sourced from a USA imported model with just 2773 miles on the clock and was serviced and rebuilt with new belts etc using genuine Ducati parts. Identification numbers all present but not yet registered on V5.

All fluids have been changed, brake, clutch and engine etc.

As you can see from the pictures this example has been subject to an extremely comprehensive and nuts and bolts level restoration to the highest standard.

I have spent thousands of pounds on labour and parts getting this bike restored to a serious level and you will simply not find another of this quality.


1997 Ducati 748S 1

1997 Ducati 748S 2

1997 Ducati 748S 3

1997 Ducati 748S Closeup

1997 Ducati 748S Engine Frame

1997 Ducati 748S Front Wheel

1997 Ducati 748S Handlebar Gauges

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