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1974 Honda 750 K4
(Featured on 25th June 2013)

Make: Honda
Model: CB750
Year: 1974

Sellers original description:

1974 Honda 750 K4 with only 10,903 genuine miles.

The bike has come from its 1 lady owner in the dry state of Colorado USA + really needs to be seen to be appreciated, its time warp original condition.

It starts 1st or 2nd kick + runs lovely (the little starter button is missing for the electric start) but easy fix.

The chrome work is all original + amazing with just some light surface rust to the underside of the mudguards + a very tiny bit to a couple of spokes on the rear wheel, thats it.

There is the usual sun fade to the top of the fuel tank + the clock faces, but gives it a nice patina.

I have got new side panels which will be included + should be back from the painters this week (the originals was cracked beyond repair from the sun.

I have also fitted a new seat from David Silvers as it had a horrible king + queen type on it which I promptly binned.

Also fitted new carb to airbox rubbers as the old ones had gone hard.

Tyres do have some perishing to side walls.

Non standard exhausts as you can see but sound nice.

Such a low mileage + original k4 (it still has all the little yellow dobs of paint on the bolts etc from when it left the factory some 39 years ago.

With some minor fettling + some new exausts this bike will be worth very good money + will only go up in value + a future investment.

Find another with this mileage.


1974 Honda 750 K4 1

1974 Honda 750 K4 2

1974 Honda 750 K4 Tank

1974 Honda 750 K4 Front Light

1974 Honda 750 K4 Front Wheel

1974 Honda 750 K4 Rear Wheel Brake Shock

1974 Honda 750 K4 Gauges

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