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1992 Honda NR 750 (Brand New Unregistered)
(Featured on 30th November 2011)

Make: Honda
Model: NR 750
Year: 1992

Sellers original description:

This Honda NR 750 has never been ridden and never been registered.

How does it feel to ride? How does one describe a dream?

The NR750 was Honda's opportunity to show what they can do, but its beautiful engineering was lost on the public. The engine technology, the complex exhaust routing, and touches like carbon fibre composite bodywork and a titanium-tinted screen were not what most observers thought of as the way forward. It was quite heavy, and definitely not intended as a race machine. 

Some features, such as the side-mounted radiators and aspects of the styling eventually into Honda's more modest road models, but the enormous expense of developing an oval-pistoned v-four motorcycle means such a design is unlikely to be sold at realistic prices. The conventional v-four engine is already complex and expensive to produce.

The PGM-FI fuel injection was state of the art in 1992, and used 7 sensors and a 16-bit CPU to control the eight injectors as well as controlling ignition timing. In addition it altered the position of an inlect duct in the airbox to regulate airflow. Over 200 were assembled, at a rate of 2 or 3 a day.

Since it couldn't be homologated for World Championship racing Honda decided the NR750 could be used to attempt some records. A lightened, tuned NR, making 150bhp @ 15,500rpm and weighinhg just 180kg was produced (compared to the standard bikes' 222kg).

Diminutive GP rider Loris Capirossi set new flying mile, flying kilometre and standing start mile & 10km records, assuring its place in the record books.The oval piston concept allowed for eight valves per cylinder which generated more power due to the increased air/fuel mixture throughput and compression.

The bike became the most expensive production bike at the time.


1992 honda nr 750 brand new unregistered

1992 honda nr 750 brand new unregistered front

1992 honda nr 750 brand new unregistered speedometer

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