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1987 Honda c50 la
(Featured 9th June 2013)

Make: Honda
Model: C50 Super Cub
Year: 1987

Sellers original description:

1987 c50 la fully auto model.

Originally blue

I bought this little bike last year,after i saved it from the scrap had only 7k miles on it, but was badly rotten, and hadn't been taxed since 1995!

Once i got it home, and cleaned the carb, it started more or less straight away......

My plans at first was just to tidy it up, but it was too badly gone, so a full restoration was needed!!

After having the frame, swinging arm, forks,and other little bits sand blasted, I choose the colour of candy apple green (as you dont see many green bikes). It actually toyota green!!

My mate then sprayed all the frame, and all the plastics at "mates rates", and although not concourse, its a very nice job...

I then bought new parts,these are;

*Brand new stomp 140 cc engine (complete with all aux bits)*

*New geniune honda white front fairing*

*New copy type wheels complete with wheel bearings*

*New metzeler sports tyres,slighty oversized by .25 (3.00 on rear/2.75 on front)

*New headlight,indicator (x4) new battery, and seat recovered*

*New rear uprated shocks*

*New front suspension linkage*

*S/H speedo assembly*

*New ignition switch and steering lock*

*New DID chain and sprockets,inc chain covers*

After all that the bike was then shipped off to Longlife in caerphilly for the "link pipe" to be made the Suzuki bandit 1200 type can (this is unknown can,and has no marking of make or type,but is new).

The engine was given the correct valve clearences, and Castrol power 1 10/40w oil from the word go!!

Its now had 3 oil services, and at 500 miles (05/06/13) is still 100 % reliable...ive had no problems, and it will happy cruise at 50-60 mph. (top speed is possibly 75-80 mph but has not been tried out.)


1987 Honda c50 la 1

1987 Honda c50 la 2

1987 Honda c50 la Front

1987 Honda c50 la Engine

1987 Honda c50 la Before Restoration

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