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1989 Honda VFR750F-K
(Featured 3rd May 2014)

Make: Honda
Model: VFR750F-K
Year: 1989

Sellers original description:


I have decided to sell one of the bikes from my modest collection of modern classic m/cycles to help fund and free up garage space for a Honda VTR1000SP-Y more commonly known as the SP-1.

My VFR has hardly been used since the day it was purchased new in 1989. A truly stunning example that I can say with some confidence is a "showroom" example. I appreciate this is a bold statement to make though I am confident if you were to come and view my bike you would whole heartedly agree. I have purposely taken as many photos as possible so you may evaluate the condition for yourself.

Bike is totally standard and unmolested apart from the brake & clutch lines/hoses that have been replaced with Goodridge. Both front and rear tyres have also been replaced as the rubber on the originals was a little hard due to age.

There are a small number of marks/items worth mentioning to be 100% accurate. The left-hand mirror has a small scuff/scratch on the outer edge most likely caused from moving in and out of the garage (refer to photos). The left-hand exhaust silencer has a shallow push/indentation (refer to photos) though the paint/finish is unmarked and there are no scratches. A pin-head size stone chip on the front mudguard left-hand side and another on the pillion grab rail. The right-hand section of the belly-pan is slightly distorted. In my opinion this was caused from a portable heater/radiator being positioned slightly too close to the bike. The distortion is slight in my opinion and not that obvious unless pointed out. I have taken a photo of the belly-pan to show this though as it is minor you will need to enlarge the photo and study closely. Put aside these marks the bike really is a stunning example and I truly believe any collector or enthusiast would be extremely happy with their purchase.


Honda VFR750F-K

Registered in the UK from new 09.02.1989.

V5 present and in my name.

2 original keys.

Original owners manual.

Mileage is 1,615 miles from new.

All previous MOT's whilst used on the road (details below).

MOT History
07.08.1993/4 252 miles
13.08.1994/5 310 miles
15.06.1996/7 333 miles
06.08.1997/8 384 miles
12.07.2002/3 433 miles
17.04.2004/5 486 miles
25.09.2005/6 572 miles
10.03.2007/8 1,293 miles
06.11.2009/10 1,376 miles
20.03.2012/3 1,416 miles
25.04.2013/4 1,576 miles (current)


1989 Honda VFR750F-K 1

1989 Honda VFR750F-K 2

1989 Honda VFR750F-K Side

1989 Honda VFR750F-K Front Wheel Left

1989 Honda VFR750F-K Front Wheel Right

1989 Honda VFR750F-K Rear Wheel Exhaust Left

1989 Honda VFR750F-K Rear Wheel Right

1989 Honda VFR750F-K Mirror

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