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1978 Honda XL250S
(Featured 3rd May 2014)

Manufacturer: Honda
Model: XL250S
Year: 1978

Must be one of the lowest mileage XL250's in the UK (possibly the lowest).

This 1978 model XL spent the 1st 7 years of it's life in a dealer's showroom (Eric Kennard of Seaford) before being purchased new in March 1985 (hence the later registration). The new owner then used it a couple of times before putting it into long term storage by this point it had covered just 48 miles. Luckily it was correctly stored with the fuel drained in a damp free garage and there it remained until I purchased it off that original owner.

I recommissioned it by changing the oil, air filter and oil screen (genuine Honda parts), new spark plug, new battery and gave it a gentle but thorough clean. It started easily and ran well. It was MOT'd with no advisories and I rode it a further 30 miles to ensure that everything worked as it should. It rides as if it has just come out of the factory.

At that point I re-drained the fuel and put it in the garage with a view to keeping it. However I have come to the conclusion that I will not use it and so have decided to pass it on to someone who will, or a collector who may wish to show it.

Everything you see is original and unrestored, every clip, sticker, pipe and nut are the ones fitted in the factory by honda. The wheel rims even have the original DID stickers on them. The paintwork is excellent (even the underneath of the metal rear guard), the brake and clutch lever still have the plastic coating on them. The tyres are both OE Yokohama and are uncracked and in very good condition (although I can tell you that grip levels aren't great!). It still has the original long plastic mudguard extension on the rear guard. Chain and sprokets are also original including the very rare under chain guard. Mirrors are all original as fitted by Honda. The inside of the fuel tank is also excellent as a result of not having any fuel left in it. It is not perfect, the exhaust has some light surface rust but is solid and could be made perfect with a repaint, the spokes have some light corrosion on them and there is a slight patina of age on it in places, however I am being picky and I didn't want to begin restoring parts as these things are only original once. It is extremely rare to find any bike in this condition let alone a 35 year old dirt bike. I have the owner's hand book,service book, original bill of sale and both sets of keys. The number plate is the original one with the dealers address on it. This is a collectors dream and I suspect that you will be hard pressed to find another.


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