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1996 Kawasaki KLX 650 Enduro
(Featured 28th January 2012)

Make: Kawasaki
Model: KLX 650
Year: 1996

Sellers original description:

My very much loved KLX 650, a phenomenal comfy ride, with plenty of torque, excellent handling on all types of roads !

Only 3 previous owners.

Genuine low mileage.

Excellent condition perfect for a collector as now very rare indeed although all parts available easily.

Not been green laned, very clean, especially for its age.

Custom exhaust bit loud sometimes.

Everything works as it should and it looks great.

All stickers are easily removed if you wanted to.

No real bad points at all.

I bought it two years ago but am now looking for a lighter DRZ 250 or similar to share with my son.


1996 kawasaki klx 650 enduro 1

1996 kawasaki klx 650 enduro 2

1996 kawasaki klx 650 enduro engine

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