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1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple
(Featured 3rd May 2014)

Make: Kawasaki
Model: H2C 750 Triple
Year: 1975

Sellers original description:

The rarest and best looking of the widow makers. Comes with USA Title document and Customs & Excise NOVA [duty paid] form. Only 12,000 miles warranted. Here is the previous owners description;

I purchased this motorcycle in July 2009 and immediately started restoring it with many NOS parts. I’m an engineer by training and performed the majority of the work myself with the exception of some specialist services. The restoration was completed in October 2010

I've only put a handful of miles on the clock since the restoration due to a new family addition and work demands.

The motorcycle was fully stripped-down and the following work was performed:


Engine number: H2E 461//
New crankshaft - it was in its original kawasaki box and wrapper
Barrels re-bored, honed and correctly chamfered (standard port timing)
+0.5mm pistons fitted. New small end bearings
Barrels and heads glass beaded. Crankcases cleaned using a lot of elbow grease (no bead blasting).
New seals and gaskets installed.
Carburetors rebuilt using new internals and gaskets.
New Kawasaki pan head fasteners used throughout the engine.

Frame: H2F458//
Frame, swing arm, side stand, center stand and lower triple-tree powder coated in semi-gloss (as per original).
Rick Brett replica frame id sticker on headstock.
NOS swing arm bushes.
NOS headstock bearing races installed
All semi-matt parts such air cleaner, instrument housing upper triple-tree power coated.


Front forks rebuilt with new stanchions and new oil seals and o-rings fitted
Rear shock absorbers cleaned


Resprayed and clear coated with Rick Brett decals


New seat cover and side trims
Solid base pan with reproduction decals


Master cylinder rebuilt and new piston kit fitted.
Caliper rebuilt with new piston, seals and o-rings.


All original. Rear view mirrors are NOS.


All original. Minor dent on the underside of the outer right muffler. Baffles re-packed.

Wheels and Tyres:

New period Dunlops, tubes and rim-tape fitted.
Bearings inspected.
New chain and sprockets fitted.


Spare sparkplug holder, tool-kit, helmet hook stickers, coil wire labels. All spit-pins are new Kawasaki parts. NOS rev counter cable. NOS clutch cable. All seals replaced.


1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple 1

1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple 2

1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple 3

1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple Side

1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple Tank

1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple Seat Tank

1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple Under Seat

1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple Left Handlebar Switches

1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple Right Handlebar Switches

1975 Kawasaki H2C 750 Triple Gauges

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