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1972 Kawasaki S1A 250 Triple
(Featured 25th January 2012)

Make: Kawasaki
Model: Triple
Year: 1972

Sellers original description:

1972 Kawasaki S1A 250 Triple. This is a private sale on behalf of a friend. He has an extensive collection of classic Kawasakis and is reducing his collection.

The bike is in very good restored condition. It was imported from the USA in 2004 and after it was totally restored both mechanically and cosmetically between 2004/2005 it was re registered in this country with a period correct age related index. As it was manufactured in september 1972 it is tax exempt.

As far as the frame and bodywork goes there are bills for powdercoating the frame and many other ancillary parts. It is up and running and will not need any money spending on it before you start riding and enjoying it. The motorcycle has a current mot valid until 27th october 2012.

The paintwork is finished in an attractive candy gold and has a few small age related marks in the paint. This motorcycle won first place in class in a concours competition staged at uttoxeter staffs on sunday the 8th october 2006. There is no rust or dents in any of the panels or the tank.

All of the chrome work is in very good clean condition . Including the chromed fork lower legs, the wheels rims are in very good condition, with plenty of tread on the tyres.

I work on lots of classic bikes and i am very experienced in looking after this kind of machine. I have checked the bike over and it runs very well. It's still running on its original points ignition. I have set the timing and stripped the carbs and cleaned them internally and set them up. I might live to regret this statement!! But it is literally a first kick starter.

I have personally road tested this bike and it runs and rides very nicely. There are no untoward noises and it revs cleanly right up to the red line. All the gears engage correctly and the clutch which has been fully rebuilt works perfectly. Even when it is hot it idles perfectly with no excessive or strange noises.

The brakes work correctly and have been properly adjusted. The S1A 250 Triple is nicely balanced and tracks perfectly straight when you ride it.


1972 kawasaki s1a 250 triple 1

1972 kawasaki s1a 250 triple 2

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1972 kawasaki s1a 250 triple engine

1972 kawasaki s1a 250 triple speedometer

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