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1978 Kawasaki Z1R
(Featured on 29th July 2011)

Make: Kawasaki
Model: Z1R
Year: 1978

Sellers original description:

This 1978 Kawasaki Z1R is in Fantastic condition for it's age and looks to be near enough 100% standard. It has also just been used as a main bike in a Hollywood film with Robert De Niro and Jason Statham.

The latter rode the bike in the film, its due out early next year and is called deadly elite. Fancy having an A list Hollywood Prop in your garage? This will most certainly be an even bigger Investment than it already is.

The Kawasaki Z1R was the first Japanese custom 'cafe racer'. The angular styling was not to everybody's taste but over time has become a bit of design classic, and these are now a very much appreciating asset. Major changes over the Z900/Z1000 were the four into one exhaust, a cockpit fairing, solid wheels, drilled discs and self-cancelling indicators. The front wheel was reduced to an eighteen inch one and the engine was once again painted in black as the original Z1. The kick-start pedal was considered redundant and fitted as an emergency measure under the seat. A move back to 28-mm carbs increased the power to 90 bhp making this the most powerful Z yet. A larger 20-litre fuel tank was introduced later to boost sales further. Limited in the number's that were sold, they are now quite rare and getting hold of one of these is increasingly very difficult.


1978 kawasaki z1r 1

1978 kawasaki z1r 2

1978 kawasaki z1r front

1978 kawasaki z1r tank

1978 kawasaki z1r engine

1978 kawasaki z1r front exhaust pipes

1978 kawasaki z1r speedometer

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