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2002 Kawasaki ZX7R Z750 P7
(Featured on 9th June 2013)

Make: Kawasaki
Model: Z750
Year: 2002
Mileage: 1,949

Sellers original description:

Used for Sales Promotions only and currently on display in the Reception at Melimoto.

Purchased as a 12 month old bike with 1274 miles recorded. It was used and tested on the road for a few hundred miles and then was fitted with the following:

1) 5 Spoke Dymag Wheels. Carbon Fibre Rims and Magnesium Hubs & Spokes. The rear has a Dymag Sprocket Carrier and Sprocket.
2) Hindle Titanium Headers and Carbon Fibre /Titanium Exhaust Can.
3) The Clean Air Valve and Carburettor Heaters were removed and a Dynojet Kit, K&N Intake Filter and a 5deg Ignition Advancer were fitted.The engine was then set up on our Dyno Facility.
4) EBC Double 'H' Brake Pads were also fitted.

Total Cost of approximately £3250

All the original parts will be supplied with the ZX7R, comprising of:

Wheels, Exhaust System including End Can and the engine parts removed for the Dynojet Installation. Also included are spare sprockets and the original part worn brake pads.

Plus the original Owners Manual, Service Record and Tool KIt. Also a Spare key with the original blue plastic and metal tag.

The ZX7R also has the following optional extras fitted:

Front Hugger Extension, Rear Hugger including Chain Guard and Swinging Arm Bobbins for use with a 'Hook' type Rear Stand.

Outstanding unmarked condition with only 1949 miles recorded and just run in!


2002 Kawasaki ZX7R Z750 P7 1

2002 Kawasaki ZX7R Z750 P7 2

2002 Kawasaki ZX7R Z750 P7 Front

2002 Kawasaki ZX7R Z750 P7 Front Lights Fairing

2002 Kawasaki ZX7R Z750 P7 Rear Wheel Exhaust

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