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2002 Suzuki GS125ESX
(Featured 9th June 2013)

Make: Suzuki
Model: GS125ESX
Year: 2002
Registration: MM52 EEF
Mileage: 745

Sellers original description:

I bought this Suzuki GS125 for my son’s 17th birthday in June 2012 as his first motorcycle and he passed his test in December 2012. The GS125 is an excellent first bike, easy to ride and very economical to run, tax and insure. My son greatly enjoyed riding the bike to school and back.

The GS125 has had two previous owners, the first bought the bike in Dec 2002 and only covered a few hundred miles until it was sold in 2005 to the second owner. He was a retired garage owner who collected tiger cubs and other small motorbikes. He also did very few miles as evidenced by the collection of MOT certificates. He asked the local bike shop (Dunfermline Motorcycles - DMC) to sell the bike for him and I immediately bought it as I knew this is what I was looking for as a first bike for my son.

The bike was originally fitted with a km/h speedometer and recorded 1260kms before I fitted a new MPH speedometer which now stands at 745 miles so the total mileage covered is 1500 miles.

In preparing the bike for my son’s use, I replaced the front brake line with a Venhill ‘Powerhose’ stainless steel braided line. The GS125 has been fully serviced with engine oil and filter changed plus spark plug, fork oil and brake fluid changed. I fitted a genuine Suzuki ‘sports rack’ and replaced some of the fasteners with polished stainless steel items. I have also fitted fork gaiters from an earlier model to protect the forks.

The bike is in excellent condition.


2002 Suzuki GS125ESX 1

2002 Suzuki GS125ESX 2

2002 Suzuki GS125ESX 3

2002 Suzuki GS125ESX Engine

2002 Suzuki GS125ESX Speedometer

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