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447 1976 Suzuki GT750A Icon

1976 Suzuki GT750A

This Bike Could Be Used Every Day, Just Like Back In The 70s.

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395 1977 Suzuki Black GT750 B Model Icon

1977 Suzuki Black GT750 B Model

Very Hard To Find In This Nice All Original Condition.

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343 1971 suzuki gt750j icon

1971 Suzuki GT750J

This Must Be The Only One Around Like This!

Very Rare & Fully Restored To Concours Condition.

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342 1978 suzuki gt750b icon

1978 Suzuki GT750B

Best Japanese Bike In The Manchester Gmex Show!

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337 1973 suzuki gt550k icon

1973 Suzuki GT550K

Restored A Couple Of Years Ago, Superb Exhausts & Chrome, Mirror Polished Casings.

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333 1976 suzuki gt 750 kettle icon

1976 Suzuki GT 750 Kettle

Absolutely Fantastic And Is In The Condition That Gathers A Crowd.

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271 1971 suzuki gt 750 j model icon

1971 Suzuki GT750 J Model

Original and un - restored low mileage 16,621 miles.

This rare Bike is over 40 Years old and in show condition.

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269 1974 suzuki gt750l icon

1974 Suzuki GT 750L

Low mileage, engine/carbs just rebuilt & mirror polished.

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262 1980 suzuki gt200 x5 motorbike icon

1980 Suzuki GT 200 X5 Motorbike

Beloved classic Suzuki GT200 x5 in excellent condition.

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129 1977 suzuki gt380 b model icon

1977 Suzuki GT380 B Model

All original and in immaculate condition, genuine 5,665 miles.

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54 1978 suzuki gt 250 x7 icon

1978 Suzuki GT 250 X7

Restored by an enthusiast with no expence spared.

Much admired at bike meetings.

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