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1976 Suzuki GT750A
(Featured 5th June 2013)

Make: Suzuki
Model: GT750A
Year: 1976
Registration: NHA 305P

Sellers original description:

Very good to immaculate. Many NOS parts. Was professionally restored to good riding/reliable condition. All paintwork is new. Wheels were re-chromed and spoked. Frame had complete black powder-coating. Mirrors and indicators are brand new. Front brake upgraded for safe riding with armoured lines and brake-light switch. Replacement starter motor to eliminate slow starting problems, common to this model. Exhaust system is solid and good looking but has a little tarnishing underneath. Fitted with highly reliable electronic ignition system.

If You Are Looking For One Of These Very Collectable Japanese Classics This Could Be The One For You.

The Bike Could Be Used Every Day, Just Like Back In The 70s.


1976 Suzuki GT750A 1

1976 Suzuki GT750A 2

1976 Suzuki GT750A Front

1976 Suzuki GT750A Back

1976 Suzuki GT750A Liquid Cooled Engine

1976 Suzuki GT750A Seat

1976 Suzuki GT750A Gauges

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