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1989 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ21 Pepsi Model
(Featured 15th April 2013)

Make: Suzuki
Model: RGV250
Year: 1989

Sellers original description:

1989 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ21 Pepsi Model in Outstanding Condition.

Although it breaks my heart, the time has come to pass the ownership of my lovely little pocket rocket ship to a new owner.

The only reason I am selling it is that it is not being used and I still have other bikes to ride.

I have owned this lovely little bike since August 2003 when I purchased it in a very sorry state.

It was in it's original Pepsi colours, but that was it's only saving grace.

I carried out a full restoration over a period of about 18 months during which time, every part of the bike was stripped, repaired or replaced and re-finished as appropriate.

The bike has it's original 17 inch front and 18 inch rear wheels which are shod in Dunlop GPR 80's which have had very little usage.

The chain and sprockets are from Renthal and have had very little usage. The brake pads are as new and stainless brake lines have been fitted.

The bike has a VJ22 rear shock absorber with the remote reservoir. The engine is the bottom 1/2 of a VJ22 and the top half from the original VJ21.

The decals are not standard Suzuki ones, but I like my bikes to be a tad different. If you buy it, feel free to change them.

As the bike has not been used for a year or two, this week I have carried out the following service items:

1. Fitted part worn front discs that measure up at about 4.6 mm so there is plenty of use left on them.
2. Checked and cleaned the brake calipers
3. Replaced the brake oil and bled the brakes.
4. Removed the carburetors, fully stripped and cleaned them.
5. Removed the cylinder heads to check the condition of the bores. There is very little wear (the bores measure up as standard) and no sign of scoring or pick up in the cylinders.
6. Cleaned heads and piston tops (again, already clean) and replaced heads using standard Suzuki cylinder head gaskets.
7. Drained and replaced the water with deionzed water and anti freeze.
8. Replaced carburetors and set all cables to their correct positions, (throttle, oil pump, power valves, power valve servo,choke).
9. Fitted a brand new battery.
10. Emptied and cleaned fuel tank and filled with fresh fuel.
11. Bled oil pump.
12. Checked tyre pressures and chain tension.
13. Carried out a full clean of the bike inside and out.

After all this work, the engine started on the 3rd kick ( the first two were probably priming the fuel system) and ran smoothly. I have adjusted the idle adjusters and the bike ticks over nicely when hot.

The chassis rails, wheels, swinging arm and several other alloy parts have been polished to a high standard. Don't listen to these fairy tails that you have to polish it once a week to keep it like that. The only thing it needs is to be dried with a chamois leather after washing and to give it a polish with solvol autosol at the start of each year.


1989 suzuki rgv 250 vj21 pepsi model 1

1989 suzuki rgv 250 vj21 pepsi model 2

1989 suzuki rgv 250 vj21 pepsi model front

1989 suzuki rgv 250 vj21 pepsi model back

1989 suzuki rgv 250 vj21 pepsi model cover off

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