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1989 Suzuki RM250
(Featured 14th January 2012)

Make: Suzuki
Model: RM250
Year: 1989

Sellers original description:

Suzuki 1989 RM 250.

Stunning evo bike.

Rebuilt run in and ready to race.

Nice genuine bike this.

Even has the rubber caps on forks.

And still has the air box splash cover.

Brand new genuine Suzuki exhaust.

Langcourt barrel.

New genuine foot pegs pins and springs.

(no droopy wobbly pegs here)

Original recovered seat (mxm)

Rebuilt original wheels with Nicol plated OEM Suzuki spokes.

Blue powder coated hubs and black recoated rims.

(also have original silver if you don`t like the black)

New genuine Suzuki plastics.

Complete engine strip and rebuild.

This was a very nice Suzuki RM 250 in good condition before restoration.

And is now exceptional !

Just what a stunning bike this is close up.


1989 suzuki rm 250 1

1989 suzuki rm 250 2

1989 suzuki rm 250 3

1989 suzuki rm 250 4

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