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1981 Suzuki ZR50 X1
(Featured 14th July 2012)

Make: Suzuki
Model: ZR50
Year: 1981

Sellers original description:

Suzuki ZR50 X1 Classic, ShowBike, Restored, Fs1e, Ap50, Moped.

Stunning Suzuki ZR50 Ken which is probably something you will never see again in this condition. The bike has been restored using new genuine parts and few parts are original old rusty ones repainted. The frame, swinging arm and engine casings are original but not that much more but there are some that have been reused.

I set out to create a show bike but my employment situation has unfortunately changed and the bike needs to go.


1981 suzuki zr50 x1 1

1981 suzuki zr50 x1 2

1981 suzuki zr50 x1 engine

1981 suzuki zr50 x1 speedometer

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