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1956 Triumph TR5 Trophy
(Featured 5th January 2012)

Make: Triumph
Model: TR5
Year: 1956

Sellers original description:

1956 Triumph 499cc TR5 Trophy.

Registration no. TRN 937A.
Frame no. 72966.
Engine no. T100 54201.

From the time of its introduction in 1948 the Triumph Trophy was established as a true all-rounder: a machine that could be ridden to work during the week and then, with extraneous components removed, competed on at weekends in its owner’s chosen branch of motorcycle sport. Although catalogued primarily as a trials machine, its true forte was scrambles and the ISDT, events in which the power of the tuneable Triumph twin worked to its advantage and its weight was less of a handicap. The arrival of a new swinging-arm frame for 1955 finally put paid to the Trophy’s pretensions as a one-day trials mount, for although the rear suspension enhanced traction and improved the handling, the lengthened wheelbase and increased weight rendered it uncompetitive. Nevertheless, the TR5 remained an extremely competent and stylish roadster until the end of production in 1958.

This well restored Trophy consists of a circa 1956 frame and an all-alloy Tiger 100 engine dating from around 1954.

The machine is presented in very good, running condition.


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