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1951 Vincent Comet Roadster Racer
(Featured 11th January 2012)

Make: Vincent
Model: Comet
Year: 1951

Sellers original description:

Vincent Comet 1951 Roadster / Racer.

This bike was registered on the 27th Feb 1951 (Green Log Book Included) and both Frame and Engine numbers match this book.

I brought this bike only knowing the previous owner had a collection of bikes and this Comet was covered in grease when I purchased it.

After cleaning it I removed the carb to clean and could see a new inlet valve and down the plug hole a new piston was evident. After checking it over I put in new oil and some petrol and she started on the 2nd kick. Since then I have only used it at the festival of 1000 bikes (Stopped riding on the road 10 years ago)

Over the years I have built it into a roadster Racer typical of a bike that would be road to a meeting raced then ridden home.

I have all the original parts to convert back to absolute standard condition.


It had new valves, springs, and a 9 to 1 piston fitted 60 miles ago the bore is standard. 389 Monablock 1 5/32 Ports are matched and polished as are the Rockers.


Standard Burman Gearbox with a Bob Newby Belt drive and clutch all fitted within the standard chain cases.

Front wheel:

Keeping with the Roadster Racer image of the early 1950s I did not want to fit the modern Lighting type brake plate as this had air scoop cast in place and the originals were a separate casting and screwed into place. As these were not available I found one, and had some cast and instead to a piece of mesh to keep the water out I had a similar part photo etched in stainless steel and fitted these to the steel brake plate stiffing up the plate around the fulcrum (as in the book Vincent by Paul Richardson)

I have always liked the finned brake drums but thought how much nicer they would look if the fins were deeper so I made this larger fined ring in alloy and shrunk into place (weight is only a few grams more than a standard lighting finned drum. Brake lining was fitted oversize and machined to fit, a 19” Dunlop steel rim is fitted with an Avon Seedmaster.

Rear Wheel:

Lighting finned hubs with machined linings 19” Dunlop steel rim with Avon GP Tyre.

Frame and Forks:

Are standard I have replaced every bush in the frame and forks. Dampers are Rebuilt Konis. Adjustable steering damper.
All fitting are stainless steel £930 worth.
Racing footrest support plates (alloy)
Twin stainless steel breather pipes.
Rebuilt Speedo.
An alloy catch tank can be fitted or Rubber Battery box with gel battery.
To run the horn (For Mot Road use)

This is a lovely bike that I have spent 100s of hours on, but I have a longing to own an out and out racing bike, I am not desperate to sell and would be happy to keep this Comet for many more years as Vincent’s just keep going up and up in value. Yes the price is on the high end but if it’s the bike you want you only have to keep it and in a few years it will be worth even more.


1951 vincent comet roadster racer 1

1951 vincent comet roadster racer 2

1951 vincent comet roadster racer 3

1951 vincent comet roadster racer 4

1951 vincent comet roadster racer on track 1

1951 vincent comet roadster racer on track 2

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