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1997 Yamaha FJ1200A
(Featured on 1st June 2013)

Make: Yamaha
Model: FJ1200A
Year: 1997

Sellers original description:

Yamaha FJ1200A (ABS version) less than 5300 miles, 1997 with a P registration.

Got to be one of the lowest milers of this bike in the world right now and could be yours.

History, at least what I know of it. First MOTed in 2001 with 160 miles on the clock and then, 4/05/2002 with 284 miles, on 4/04/2003 with 289 miles, on 14/05/2004 with 1192 miles on 12/05/2005 with 1513 miles, 11/05/2006 with 2887 miles, 4/05/2007 with 3142 miles, 6/05/2008 with 3302 miles, 22/04/2009 with 3583 miles, (not MOTed in 2010 reason not known), 03/05/2011 with 3691 miles, 05/12/2012 with 3736 miles. I have those MOT certificates. Purchased by myself in Dec 2012 from a Suzuki dealership owner who classed it as part of his collection or classic Japanese bikes though left it on the dealership stock for purposes on the V5C and so he is not shown as the last owner. Last owner is shown as a private induvidual in Newark Notts. The MOT history tells me that as far as it is possible to know the mileage is genuine. The service record book and owners manual along with the tool kit are not present. The V5C is in my name.

It was serviced before I collected it and soon after I ditched the 15 year old original Dunlops and fitted new Metzeler Lasertecs which have covered the very enjoyable 1500 miles I have put on it. The front fork seals have been replaced as they blew whilst standing in the dealers showroom as can happen when they are allowed to dry out through lack of use. The fork tubes are immaculate. There is a story, unverified, that the first owner failed to ride it much as it scared him to death, not being used to a larger powerful bike and then eventually decided to sell it on. The dealer I bought it from did not use it but intended to keep it for his collection but then ran out of space - as sadly I have too. I bought it to use, not just polish every so often, but, in doing so it has not come to any harm or even seen rain or salt. Its condition says that it has only ever been out in the dry and only ever got wet when it was washed. The exhaust, often the first part to go on these, is completely original and in fantastic condition.

Very nearly a standard as it left the factory bike, the bits that are not are as follows - GIVI WINGRACK, colour matched to the bike with Givi indicators, the original indicators did not come with the bike but seem readily available from breakers if important to you. GIVI no longer sell the fitting kit for the wingrack on this bike. The rack will take Givi Monokey type panniers and top box. ENGINE BARS - easily unbolted and removed if wanting to make it standard. At some time in the past someone has fitted an alarm and then removed the same. This has left a small LED in the rear cowling just under the front edge of the wingrack. It would take very little to put this bike back to concours standard. There are no stone chips on the front fairing and the belly pan is in first class condition.


1997 Yamaha FJ1200A 1

1997 Yamaha FJ1200A 2

1997 Yamaha FJ1200A Front Wheel

1997 Yamaha FJ1200A Rear Wheel Exhaust

1997 Yamaha FJ1200A Seat Tank

1997 Yamaha FJ1200A Engine

1997 Yamaha FJ1200A Speedometer Gauges

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