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1975 Yamaha fs1e
(Featured 1st April 2013)

Make: Yamaha
Model: FS1E
Year: 1975

Sellers original description:

Yamaha Fs1e Which I Have Owned For The Past 7 Years & Taken Me 4 Years To Get It To Its Present Condition.

This Bike Is In Mint Show Room Condition Every Nut & Bolt Was Replaced.

The Frame & Engine Number Match & V5 Is Present.

New Rims & Stainless Spokes Tyres Etc. The Bike Was Painted By Dream Machine So A1 Paint Job.


1975 yamaha fs1e 1

1975 yamaha fs1e 2

1975 yamaha fs1e 3

1975 yamaha fs1e tank

1975 yamaha fs1e engine

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