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2004 Yamaha R1 5VY YZF-R1 Lava Red
(Featured 14th July 2012)

Make: Yamaha
Model: R1 5VY
Year: 2004
Registration: N66 YLR
Mileage: 16,000

Sellers original description:

Yamaha YZF-R1 2004 '04' plate 5VY

It has covered less than 16k miles from new and was a UK supplied bike, purchased from my local Yamaha dealer (Frazers of Gloucester). It was not bought by me brand new. I actually purchased it from a work colleague 2 years ago, and have been familiar with the bike for at least the last 5 years. It is a 3 owner bike. Never been dropped.

It is the first of the face lifted 5VY models and features the twin underseat exhaust system. Let me be clear from the start, I love this bike. It has been nothing short of fantastic in the time I have owned it. Never once has it had any problems, it starts every time, it rides like a dream and is mindblowingly fast and powerful.

The bike has a Power Commander USB 3 system installed, and has also had a full rolling road dyno set up. The bike has a de-cat exhaust, Harris Racing titanium cans and K&N air filter. Therefore it is necessary to have the bike tuned to develop the best power and efficiency from the set up. This has all been done and I have the printouts/dyno charts to verify that this awesome machine is pushing out 155bhp along with a smooth and consistent torque curve throughout the rev range.

I also had the suspension set up on this bike to ensure that the front end is in tune with the back. This stands out a mile when you ride the bike, it holds the road fantastically and is a pure joy to ride. I weigh around 12.5st and the suspension was set to accommodate that. It is all fully customisable so if you wish to change it you can, however it will suit any weight without issues as it is.

The bike is in immaculate condition. I am exceptionally fussy and have spent a lot of time, effort and money perfecting this bike.


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