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1970 Yamaha YR5
(Featured on 3rd May 2014)

Make: Yamaha
Model: YR5
Year: 1970

Sellers original description:

Yamaha YR5 which has been fully stripped & rebuilt.

This bike was manufactured in December 1970.

The engine was completely stripped, cleaned & rebuilt using a re-conditioned crank, new pistons, rings & small end bearings. It has excellent barrels still on standard bore.

The barrels & heads were cleaned & re-sprayed with satin black paint.

The engine was rebuilt with new gaskets & bolts.

The bike was completely stripped, it had the frame & all black parts re-sprayed along with all tin wear in the absolutely gorgeous purple & white.

The bike was rebuilt with many new parts including new front & rear tyres & inner tubes, handlebars, nos grips, front & rear indicators, seat foam & seat cover, carb rubbers to air box, battery, plugs, tank badges & fork seals.

The bike has matching frame & engine numbers.

This is a really nice bike, which has nice chrome & looks fantastic & rides exceptionally well as it should.

The bike was imported from America so will need to be registered but I have paper work to show VAT & duties have been paid but once registered it will be tax exempt as its a early 1970 with very rare ribbed pipes.


1970 Yamaha YR5 1

1970 Yamaha YR5 2

1970 Yamaha YR5 Side

1970 Yamaha YR5 Front

1970 Yamaha YR5 Engine Gearbox

1970 Yamaha YR5 Rear Wheel

1970 Yamaha YR5 Gauges

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