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Custom 1992 Yamaha Yellow
(Featured 14th July 2012)

Make: Yamaha
Model: Custom
Year: 1992
Registration: R0P 631R

Sellers original description:

Started with a xs650 project in December 2008 everything has been renewed or reconditioned :-

Frame brake mechanisms/ including new bracketry for front caliper projex of cradley heath.

Wheel hubs supplied and rebuilt mikesxs germany wheels rebuilt with new spokes/rims/tyres to owners spec.

The engine/gearbox were rebuilt [including new pistons/bearings/gearbox mainshaft] most part supplied by Mikesxs Germany the whole rebuilt by Graham Horne Redditch [great classic bike specialist]

At this stage the built to running order and various brackets welded to the frme it was rewired and road tested.

The bike was completely dismantled were necessary all chrome items were sent for rechroming and the bike was painted.

The bike was reassembled using new nuts/bolts and washers.

Due to illness my bike and hgv licence were taken off my 3 year licence and the speedo shows 27 naughty miles [18 months ago] mot and tax ran out 6 months ago now sorn.

Show condition bike but also built to be ridden.


custom 1992 yamaha yellow 1

custom 1992 yamaha yellow front

custom 1992 yamaha yellow 2

custom 1992 yamaha yellow 3

custom 1992 yamaha yellow back

custom 1992 yamaha yellow engine

custom 1992 yamaha yellow rear wheel

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