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1972 Yamaha YDS7
(Featured on 25th June 2013)

Make: Yamaha
Model: YDS7
Year: 1972

Sellers original description:

This bike will take you back to your youth. The smell of two stroke, the zing of the engine note, the beautiful lines and colours of this classic Jap two-stroke.

I bought the bike purely as an investment, with no intention of riding it, having owned the same model way back in the day, from the previous owner who assures me that the following work was undertaken as part of the restoration he did:

Fully stripped and restored.
Frame, swing arm and all black parts painted.
Reconditioned crank, new crank seals, new pistons and rings, small end bearings, gudgeon pins and gaskets.
Obviously I haven't stripped it down to verify, but judging by the detail of the finish externally: attention to detail etc and the fact that I bought it from a restorer who specialises in 250/350 two strokes it all sounds good.

Bike has a current MoT to 13th November 2013.

The thing I liked most about the bike when I bought it - and hopefully the photos show this - is that it hasn't been rebuilt to be a "better than they ever were new" type of show project. The chrome, alloy hubs etc is mostly original, so it is not concours but very authentic; right down to the splash on the right hand silencer where the battery breather used to drip (- you remember, don't you!) There's a small dent in the front mudguard but crikey, the bike is over 30 years old- in fact, it's so old it's now classed as a historic vehicle, so the road tax is free!! Hurrah!!

The rebuild included many new parts including: brake and clutch levers, front tyre, carb rubbers and clips, battery, fork seals, number plate and seat cover.
As you can see from the pictures, this is a very clean and genuine bike. They don't make them like this any more (unfortunately), and these early Japanese two-strokes are appreciateing quite rapidly. As I said, I bought it for nostalgic reasons and as an investment but I need to clear out some of my toys to make room for new arrivals.

I haven't ridden the bike since I bought it late last year but have kept the battery charged and it starts fine. (Needless to say, it's lived indoors in a nice warm garage during that time.)The left hand carb will need a clean and/or adjustment before you take it on any burn-ups, because when I started it today it was flooding, but I guess that is just lack of use recently. At some stage; probably during the restoration by the previous owner, the crank case has been changed so it's showing an R5 stamp, -(the R5 and DS7 cases were interchangeable, as you probably know)- which will need to be updated on the current V5. (Just want to make you aware of that and be as honest as possible - see my Feedback).

So, whether you're looking for something to smoke out the neighbourhood with two-stroke smells and make the local dogs howl, want to relive your youth with trips to the Ace Cafe or simply want to admire this lovely example of one of the most advanced two-stroke road bikes of its time.


1972 Yamaha YDS7 1

1972 Yamaha YDS7 2

1972 Yamaha YDS7 Front

1972 Yamaha YDS7 Tank Engine

1972 Yamaha YDS7 Front Wheel

1972 Yamaha YDS7 Rear Wheel Exhaust

1972 Yamaha YDS7 Gauges

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