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2002 Honda Super Blackbird CBR 1100 XX-2
(Featured 31st May 2013)

Make: Honda
Model: CBR1100
Year: 2002
Mileage: 5,940

Sellers original description:

Stunning looking and in Extremely good condition Honda Super Blackbird CBR 1100 XX-2 with only 5940 miles on the clock.

The History behind this bike is as follows:

It was purchased new in late 2002, in 2004 it was stolen was stripped for all panels and then recovered.

It was written off as Cat D Cosmetic damage only and so it would be if there are no panels left it, other than that she is HPI clear.

Then it was purchased by previous owner and stored in a heated garage for several years, the dream was to put it back on the road but he never got around to do it.

At this point I got my hands on her and put her together again in it's Honda's original color Candy Blue PB-215-C all with OEM parts.

I was informed that originally she had a service by Honda shorty before being stolen which would be consistent with a 4000 mile service and that means she has only just been bedded in.

When draining the coolant and the oil I could have put it straight in because both coolant and oil was that clean, however just in case I have given her new oil and filter together with new coolant.

She starts on the spot and runs so so sweet, she rides to be honest just like a new bird and I know how that feels because I got one back in 98. I was going to keep her but circumstances have changed and she needs to go to a new loving owner.

Brakes pads = Like new

Chain and sprocket = Like new

Brake and Clutch fluid = New

Tyres BT21's = Close to New with 4.5 mm thread

Radiator = Like new

Oilcooler = Like new

Downpipes = Like new

Disc's = Like new

Bodywork = Like New

Exhaust Can's = Like new one has a tiny storage dink but really nothing

Forklegs = a couple stonechips consitent with her low mileage

Wheel = Normal and consitent with her low mileage

Key's = One coded key and one new uncut non coded key

Tool set = No

Service book = No

Honda Manual = Yes

If you are looking for an almost new bird this is it and the new owner will be enjoying miles and miles of Honda reliability and be very proud of this bike and the condition she is in.


2002 Honda Super Blackbird CBR 1100 XX-2 1

2002 Honda Super Blackbird CBR 1100 XX-2 2

2002 Honda Super Blackbird CBR 1100 XX-2 3

2002 Honda Super Blackbird CBR 1100 XX-2 4

2002 Honda Super Blackbird CBR 1100 XX-2 Digital Display

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