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1986 Honda CR500 Evo Motocross
(Featured 1st June 2013)

Make: Honda
Model: CR500
Year: 1986

Sellers original description:

Dave Thorpe, Andre Malherbe, Eric Goboers and David Bailey. Truly the golden age of motocross, and you can relive them with this great example of a 1986 Honda CR500.

I bought the bike in December 2009. It was already in fine working order, but for my own peace of mind the engine went for a rebuild to Manchester Extreme. It was re-bored, had new top end, bottom end and main bearings. After one or 2 rides it returned to Manchester Extreme and had a rear shock refurb/rebuild/new bladder, and a front fork refurb. The suspension linkage bearings were replaced, and new brakes front and back and rear wheel bearings. I have all receipts over £1000. The bike also recently went to a race tuner for the carb to be set up/optimised.

There is no guess work involved with this bike, it is mechanically mint and beautifully original. I have genuinely used it 4 only times since 2009 and I have all Manchester Extreme receipts with dates to show the engine rebuild was early 2010. I have spare radiators and a few other bits and bobs to go with it.

If I was keeping it I would give it a new back tyre, current one is part worn, and a nice FMF pipe, or similar - I think it would then be perfect.


1986 Honda CR500 Evo Motocross 1

1986 Honda CR500 Evo Motocross 2

1986 Honda CR500 Evo Motocross 3

1986 Honda CR500 Evo Motocross 4

1986 Honda CR500 Evo Motocross Front

1986 Honda CR500 Evo Motocross Back

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