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1986 Yamaha TRI  Z 250cc
(Featured on 31st May 2013)

Make: Yamaha
Model: TRI-Z
Year: 1986

Sellers original description:

Ultra rare completely road legal!

Mint condition original!

1986 Yamaha TRI-Z 250cc.

Mint condition 1986 yamaha TRI-Z 250cc 2 stroke 6 speed, this is extremely rare as it is completely road legal on a q registration did not display full reg in photos for obvious reasons due to its rarity as it is 1 of only 2 in the country that are road legal!.

It is an original 1986 model with all original parts, recently reconditioned with a custom chrome d.

G race can exhaust pipe, recently had new tyres, full service mot and tax, great runner, starts every time.


1986 Yamaha TRI  Z 250cc 1

1986 Yamaha TRI  Z 250cc 2

1986 Yamaha TRI  Z 250cc 3

1986 Yamaha TRI  Z 250cc Front

1986 Yamaha TRI  Z 250cc Back

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