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1964 Bultaco Mercurio 155
(Featured 4th June 2013)

Make: Bultaco
Model: Mercurio
Year: 1964

Sellers original description:

1964 Bultaco Mecurio 155 model which is a 153cc 2 stroke single. Now, most of us are much more used to Bultaco trials bikes, which is what their mainly known for now. But, this is a fast little road bike from the 1960s, which most of you will have never even seen before. Now pre-conceptions can kick in and before you know it your brain is subconciously thinking: 150cc 2 stoke single....... hmmmm........ 150cc BSA Bantam suddenly and the associated dire performance i.e not much bette than a push bike. Well, look, you need to forget all that. You need to clear your brain of such evil thoughts and think totally differently in this case, because this just isn,t in the same league as a BSA Bantam. For this, you need to think more like maybe early Suzuki GT, or even early Yamaha RD, like several years before they were around. Because this has good useable power all the way up the rev range and then a good kick as the power band kicks in. This is fun with capital letters. These are great little bikes and a lot more peppy than a Bantam, or what ever the equivelant we were producing at the time. Look closely at the pictures. Look at the size of the Barrel for a 150cc. The size of the carb and the exhaust. This is a serious little stroker, and designed to really go really well. I think this is about as good as a 150cc bike from this period can get.

This bike is in pretty good condition, being an older restoration. All the bling is good as is all the paint. Its not UK registered. It does have a Spanish log book showing it was first registered in Spain in October 1964. This would need registering here to be useable. I have rode this around the big yard here to try it and its extremely good. All the lights work, the brakes etc. The tyres are good. The chrome is all good. A lot of money has been spent on this and I understand that this bike was previously part of a private collection. This is a classy bike. Bright colours and dollops of bling. Its also a rare bike here, and quite a sort after bike on the continent. This is for someone who wants to have something different, or someone who knows how good Bultacos are. This is good news. It looks good, it goes good, and its as collectable as hell.


1964 Bultaco Mercurio 155 1

1964 Bultaco Mercurio 155 2

1964 Bultaco Mercurio 155 Front Wheel

1964 Bultaco Mercurio 155 Back

1964 Bultaco Mercurio 155 Back Wheel

1964 Bultaco Mercurio 155 Tank Engine

1964 Bultaco Mercurio 155 Engine

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