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1985 Suzuki CL50 Love Scooter
(Featured 7th June 2013)

Make: Suzuki
Model: CL50
Year: 1985

Sellers original description:

Honda cl 50 love as advertised by Michael Jackson.

I don't really want to sell it but it seems such a waste it just sitting in the shed when somebody could be using it. (I believe bikes should be used not just polished and looked at).

I bought it two years ago when it was last on the road. Just put two new tyres on (the originals were perished with age-hardly worn) and a new battery.

Sailed through M.O.T. today. Would make great quirky camper van bike.

The bike will only go up in value.

It was built as a ladys scooter as it is very petite with a low seat.

Amazing condition for a 28 year old moped and old m.o.t.'s validate the low mileage.


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