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2002 Honda XR 400R
(Featured on 9th June 2013)

Make: Honda
Model: XR
Year 2002

Sellers original description:

The bike has had an easy life with limited off-road use. This can be seen by the quality of the plastics which are the original fitted items. But after 10 years the frame looked a bit tired in places so I undertook a full nut and bolt restoration. Every part has been inspected, serviced, reconditioned or replaced as required. This excludes the entire engine which is so sweet that all it got was powder coated engine covers. The only thing to do is replace the tank graphics as these are scratched and bubbling in places – not done yet as it does not bother me and keeps the factory look.

Bike starts well from cold once you get the hang of it, also starts well when hot. During restoration, the carburettor jetting was changed to standard UK specification as detailed in the Honda service manual (All UK bikes are supplied running rich …). Excess header welds also removed as per Gordon's


The bike is near original apart from a couple of sensible upgrades, which include Renthal bars –

Original Honda bars and hand protectors will be supplied with bike. Clocks are in KM with MPH stickers on the glass. This bike has had a serious number of restoration hours spent on it so I could not let it go without a few final updates so for sale. It has had brand new Bridgestone front and rear tyres fitted, new O-ring chain and an oil change.

Mileage is only 7,700 KM (4,800 miles).


2002 Honda XR 400R 1

2002 Honda XR 400R Front

2002 Honda XR 400R Rear

2002 Honda XR 400R Engine

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