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1988 Kawasaki GTR1000
(Featured 27th June 2013)

Make: Kawasaki
Model: GTR1000
Year: 1988

Sellers original description:

This bike is the result of 3 restorations from 5 bikes - I kept the best for last. No end of money has gone into restoring this bike from the ground up over a 12 month period - please study the pictures to guage the standard of restoration.

The bike comes with a full touring pack including Sat Nav installation, plus a brand new bagster tank bag - never been used - not pictured. If you wish to take off the luggage I am also including the pannier infill panels and top box cover which are colour coded. Most people who buy GTR's have owned them before and know what a well thought out bike they are, probably the biggest fuel tank available that holds 6 gallons/28 litres ideal for touring, but can mix it with most bikes having a 16 valve overhead engine and a sweet 6 gear shaft drive. If you're looking for a good sports tourer this takes some beating and qualifies for classic insurance too - I pay around £108 fully comp. The bike starts on the button and pulls like a train, and is taxed and tested till next spring.


1988 Kawasaki GTR1000 1

1988 Kawasaki GTR1000 Front

1988 Kawasaki GTR1000 2

1988 Kawasaki GTR1000 Tank Cover

1988 Kawasaki GTR1000 Speedometer

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