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1964 Triumph Tina
(Featured 3rd May 2014)

Make: Triumph
Model: Tina
Year: 1964

Sellers original description:

Triumph Tina Scooter that has only covered 235 miles in fifty years.

In 1962, despite opposition from those who felt it would dilute the macho image of the brand, Triumph Motorcycles England, introduced a new scooter, designed by the legendary Edward Turner, to tap into a demand that had been identified by market research for a simple and easy-to-ride shopping vehicle. The Triumph Tina with it’s single cylinder, two-stroke, 100cc engine, used a continuously variable transmission (CVT) system with a centrifugal clutch; the system had been patented by Triumph in May 1959. The engine was mounted on the swing arm. An extensive marketing campaign was carried out fronted by a pop star of the era, Cliff Richard. The Tina was marketed to women and advertising focused on the ease of its operation.
The Triumph Tina is a small and low performance 100cc scooter with automatic transmission. Intended by Turner as a simple and easy to ride vehicle the Tina was indeed a dilution of the Triumph image and despite an extensive advertising campaign they sold in very small numbers at the time but are now very rare as a result.
The Triumph Tina was sold through 1962 – 1964 and then re-engineered and renamed the Triumph T10 in 1965, and discontinued in June 1970.
This one is the original, rarer, more desirable & collectable Tina. It is easy to spot the difference as the Tina has the front brake lever on the right and the T10 has the front brake lever on the left.

Engine Capacity: 100cc, 2-stroke single, Fuel Consumption: 100 mpg, Top Speed: 45 mph, Dry Weight: 143lbs, Transmission: Automatic V-Belt, Electric’s: 6 Volt, Front Suspension: Rubber Dampener, Rear Suspension: Single spring & damper unit.
This bike has a desirable provenance that will make it appeal to collectors of the rare & unusual. Engine number LS 20167. Only 20,500 were made so this is one of the last ones built in late 1964.
Built in 1964 the bike was displayed at a Car Sales Garage for several years before finally being sold & registered on 19th May 1971 to E.R Williams in Mold, North Wales. The original Green UK Log Book is included showing the only 2 registered owners.
The first owner covered only 127 miles in four years, and when the bike changed hands in 1975 to the second owner, Bernard Farrell in Cheshire, he had the bike safety tested in line with UK regulations, this document (ED427444) is included and proves the 1975 mileage of 127 miles. The bike was taxed for one year expiring Sep 76, during which time the second owner covered a lowly additional 108 miles. When the road tax expired the bike was removed from service and stored until recently. The 1976 Road Tax is included. (9 0433023)
The bike has undergone a sympathetic nut & bolt restoration and paint job in Ruby Amarath with original parts re-used wherever possible. The seat cover is the original cover and is almost perfect which is testament to the proper dry storage and low mileage.
The engine runs and has loads of compression, there are no oil leaks and the bike is currently in my entrance hall. Paint and underside are excellent, most fasteners are new but period appropriate and the tyres are new.

This is a time warp machine that will be of particular interest to those that collect old and rare machines. Where in the world can you find a bike over 50 years old with only 235 miles on the clock?


1964 Triumph Tina 1

1964 Triumph Tina 2

1964 Triumph Tina 3

1964 Triumph Tina Chrome Closeup

1964 Triumph Tina Handlebars

1964 Triumph Tina Speedometer

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